Sunday, 4 June 2017

Best Sehr and Iftar deals in Islamabad - Ramadan 2017

 Hi loves, how are you all doing? Hope everyone is happy and healthy and having a blissful Ramadan. This month brings countless blessings and scrumptious treats for all. Delicious dishes are prepared for Sehri and Iftari everyday and families sit together and enjoy the exotic Ramadan spreads. Though nothing can beat homemade food for Iftar but it’s always a good idea to go out once in a while and treat yourself with different deals that are offered by local restaurants.
       In today’s post, we have compiled a list of best Sehr and Iftars deals around the city. You can select from them according to your taste and budget. 

Tuscany Courtyard

2. The Monal


4. Tiramisu


6. Howdy

7. Khiva Restaurant

8. Pizza Hut

9. Des Pardes

 10. La Terrazza Restaurant

11.Capital Delights

12. Qishmisch

13. Atrio Cafe & Grill

14. Street 1 Café

15. Jessie's Burgers

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