Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate - Review & Photos

My eyes often feel stressed and puffy due to long working days at the laptop and late night blogging. Therefore, I always look for eye creams and serums that ACTUALLY work! Luckily I got a chance to try The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate a while back so today I am going to post a review about this eye concentrate.
Product Description: Enriched with Edelweiss plant stem cells, Youth Eye Concentrate instantly refreshes the eye contour, and smoothes out the appearance of lines, bags and fatigue* for younger-looking eyes.

How do you use it?
Apply before your day moisturiser or eye cream.
1. Gently press the pump once.
2. Roll in a figure of 8 motion around the eye area.
3. Gently pat the eye area with your fingers to help absorb the product
Packaging: TBS has absolutely nailed the packaging on this one. A beautiful sleek tube with intelligently designed applicator. The concept is, we put our thumb in the little indented space right below the rounded top and give a slight press. This makes the product come out and spread evenly on the metal ball on the top. One small push of the pump dispenses the product on to the roller ball and you massage it on to the eye area in a figure of 8 motion.
My Views:  The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate is a serum-like eye treatment aimed at reducing eye bags, fine lines and making eyes look more awake. Precious stem cells are used from high Alpine Edelweiss to support skin cell renewal. The product is fragrance free and has a very thin serum like light consistency. The concentrate absorbs very nicely and pretty quickly. It makes the skin feel very smooth and instantly relaxes the puffy area around my eyes.
According to the instructions, I roll the nice little metal ball in figure of 8 motions around my eyes .You then pat the product into the skin with your fingers to help it absorb. It feels really nice and gives a cooling sensation because of the metal ball. In fact I sometimes keep it in the fridge for 5 to 10 minutes and it feels super amazing on my eyes. The metal rollerball helps reduce the morning puffiness and keep the skin hydrated.

My Recommendation: Overall, I would most likely re-purchase this product as I am quite pleased with it. If you’re looking for a good eye serum to help hydrate the dry skin, or to prevent the signs of age from coming on, I’d recommend this as a good starter product.
Price & Availability: Price is 3100/- PKR and it’s available at all the Body Shops outlets all over Pakistan. For more details please visit The Body Shop Facebook page and Official website.

Rating: 4 /5
Have you tried The Body Shop's Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate? What are your views about it?

Disclaimer: This is a PR sample provided to me by a PR company for review purpose.I was not paid for this review.
         I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product(s) was free does not influence
 my opinion at all. My opinion is 100% genuine and honest


  1. TBS products sound too good and promosing but too expensive. :"(

  2. What a great review. I've been looking for a product to relieve my puffy under eyes. Thank you!

    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  3. Sounds like its perfect for me. I have dry to combination skin and need some hydrating serum for my under eye area. Thanks for the review. Can't wait to get my hands on it :)

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    I am following you through GFC.
    Would love to have you follow my blog (:

  6. I have yet to try this product but I will after your review! Plus, I love eye products with a roller ball applicator which I put in the refrigerator to get more cooling effect on my eyes!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  7. This sounds like the perfect treat for puffy eyes <3 Since I too work and blog, I have too little time to sleep so I figure I would give it a try. Thanks for sharing <3

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