Saturday, 14 November 2015

Sigma Enlight Collection Warm Neutrals Palette - Review & Photos

Hi lovelies! Today I am going to review my very first Eyeshadow palette by Sigma Beauty. I have many Sigma brushes and I absolutely LOVE them for their quality but I haven’t tried a lot of their makeup so I’m really excited about this review.Please keep reading to see my thoughts about Sigma Enlight Collection Warm Neutrals Palette.

Product Description: Sigma’s Enlight Collection features the release of the Warm Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette, which includes 12 shades with a mixture of matte, frosty, and shimmery finishes.

Packaging: The packaging is very nice and sturdy.The lid comes with magnetic enclosure and it has a large mirror inside.I love everything about it.

My Views: The Warm Neutrals Palette is part of the Sigma Enlight Collection. This stunning palette contains 12 beautiful warm shades. I just love neutral looks and this provides tons of options for neutral looks with some very gorgeous colors that all go so beautifully together.

The shades also have several different finishes, from duo-chrome to sheen to matte to shimmer. The colors are buttery softness with awesome pigmentation. The smallest amount will pack a huge punch of color on your lids. I had to learn to go extra light handed with this palette. They also seriously glide on like butter. The texture is amazing.These are by far the softest and the most pigmented shadows I own. 
I love all of the shades, every one of them. But my favorites are Cinnamon, Dove and Innocent.All are excellent crease and transition shades. I use Cinnamon for so many looks.It gives off the perfect "accent" above the crease. Just a small touch of this with a fluffy blending brush creates alot of dimension and takes your eye makeup to the next level.Innocent is also a beautiful crease and transition color.

Here are the swatches of Sigma Enlight Collection Warm Neutrals Palette..
This is one of my go-to palettes that I use regularly. Shades are very long-lasting, and they don't crease on me whatsoever. They blend out so beautifully, with hardly any effort. The colors come out on my lids exactly how they look in the palette. Super saturated with color.

Last but not the least , these colors are made without parabens. Isn’t it great? 

My Recommendation: I highly recommend this palette and all of Sigma's makeup products. They make excellent stuff with amazing quality. 

Price & Availability: You can get this palette HERE

Rating:  4.75 / 5

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