Sunday, 7 February 2016

Olor 24 Hours Active Deodorants - Review & Photos

Hi Folks, Have you heard about the deodorant brand ‘Olor’?
Olor offers vast range of deodorants for men and women. They’ve recently Introduced 3 new fragrances in their 24 Active Deodorants range and Olor team was kind enough to send me these heavenly smelling deodorants for review. The three new fragrances released are 'Vibrant Violet', 'Glamorous Gold' and 'Rosy Raspberry'. Are they worth a shot? Keep reading to know!
Product Description: The Olor fragrance range features pretty floral and oriental blossoms to inspire contentment and leave women feeling cherished. Step into a world of scents that bring refreshing and youthful sensibility that adds a unique twist to the way women can feel about themselves.

Packaging: These deodorants come in 150ml metallic spray bottles with matching plastic caps.I like the spray bottle as you can easily spray it on clothes if you need it on run. Also they're handy enough to keep in your bag to use during a day. The best way to use is to shake them for 10 seconds before applying.
My Views: Olor 24 Hours Active Deodorants are a perfect fusion of floral and fruity fragrances. All three fragrances are unique and refreshing. I find them pretty long lasting as compared to other deodorants.Well, these are my general thoughts about these deos.Now lets discuss each fragrance in detail..

Vibrant Violet:  Vibrant Violet is a mixture of Iris and Black Currant.It has a hint of violet but the overall scent is just powdery/flowery. It gives the feel of spring with fresh air filled with aroma of fruity delights.It's feminine and give the cool vibes. It has noticeable scent of patchouli in it as well which is refreshing.It’s a pretty strong fragrance which I think is very summer appropriate as the strong refreshing fragrance will keep the bad odor away.
 Glamorous Gold: Glamorous Gold is love in first smell! It’s really refreshing and mood boosting.The smell has floral notes of Lilac and Amber, the top notes are Lilly and jasmine and the base note is amber.It’s neither strong nor very soft which is perfect for winters. I love it!
Rosy Raspberry: Rosy Raspberry is a strong warm scent which is not too feminine. In fact it has a masculine feel to it. This deodorant is a fusion of Raspberry and Vanilla. It has a scent of Raspberry and Vanilla and it is not too fruity or sweet but has a refreshing vanilla-ish scent.This one is a bit different from my taste. I would say if you like warm scents which are not too feminine then this one is for you.
To be honest, I never tried spray deodorants before as roll-on is the only thing I wear under my arms. But after trying these deodorants under my arms, I must say they’re brilliant.  They’re super easy to use, never leave any residue and keep me smelling fresh all day long.The most important thing which I tested about these deodorants is their longevity.  These are definitely long lasting and did not irritate my skin at all.

My Recommendation:I am truly pleased with these and I think the affordable price tag makes them more amazing. I am gonna grab more flavors soon! 

Price & Availability: Olor deodorants are easily available at local super markets across Pakistan. Price is PKR 195.For more information please visit Olor's Official Website or Facebook page :)

Have you guys used Olor deodorants? If yes, then how was your experience? Do leave your comments in the comments section below.
      Disclaimer: This is a PR sample provided to me by a PR company for review purpose.I was not paid for this review.
         I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product(s) was free does not influence
my opinion at all. My opinion is 100% genuine and honest


  1. Lovely fotos wajiha! I am loving these deos so far m. Great post i must say!

  2. Am also loving these deos so far. Love your photography for the post :)


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