Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Body Mist

 Today, I am going to review the most hyped and my favorite body mists by Victoria's Secret named 'Bombshell' :) It was on my wishlist since long time and finally I got it as my birthday present :)) Yayyy  * So happy *
I really love the pink packaging with Victoria's Secret logo, really girly and chic. I literally don't know how to describe fragrances but it’s a very sweet, feminine & refreshing smell.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell is strong that a few sprays will last you all day and linger on the skin but once dried down the scent is fairly light, uplifting and somewhat sexy. It is a fruity floral fragrance which will instantly refresh your mood.

Love, love, love this perfume! I’m addicted to the scent! very summery and delicious-smelling.

What's your favorite perfume, Do let me know in the comments section below :)

Wajiha, xo


  1. Even the packaging is,,,,,xoxoxo.....:D

  2. Wow wajiha you have got a great blog. Sure i would love to follow you. infact i am... :-D


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