Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Perfect Nude - Pink Lips - Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick 'Airy Fairy' - Review, Photographs & Swatches

Morning Lovelies, How are you doing? How’s Ramadan going? I hope we take full advantage of this month by doing alot of Ibadah and may Allah give us courage to gather full blessings of this holy month. It’s very difficult for me to spare time for blogging these days. Still, I am here with a quick review of a lipstick which I received in a beauty bloggers swap activity :) Its Rimmel’s AIRY FAIRY!!

Packaging: The dark shiny tube has an angled cap with an engraved crown graphic on the top.
My Views:
Left : Single swipe - Right : Multiple swipes
Rimmel Airy Fairy lipstick is a neutral pink with a bit of frost. It’s not extremely cool- or warm-toned, so it’s suitable for daily wear.The lipstick is very pigmented and It goes on smoothly. But it’s not moisturizing. I find that it tends to accentuate dryness and imperfections of your lips.To minimize this, make sure your lips are in good condition. Use a lip scrub, apply lip balm, use this lipstick, and then slick on a lip gloss over it.    
If you’re looking for a neutral pink lipstick that’s easy-to-wear on a daily basis and complements many different looks, then Rimmel Airy Fairy Lasting Finish Lipstick is a great economical choice.
Airy fairy on my lips :)
My Recommendation: A pretty everyday color,  so a must buy!!
Price & Availability: Price is somewhere between 700 -850 Rs and its available at D-Watson's Islamabad.
Rating : 3 / 5
Ever tried this lipstick? What are your views about it?




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