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BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette

Morning Lovelies :) I received my very 1st BH Cosmetics palette, the 1st edition 120 eyeshadow palette few days back. I experimented so many different looks with it. In this post,I will share my views  and some looks which I created with this palette.
*Note* This is a picture intensive post, so get ready to view ALOT of colorful images :)
Product Description: 
Step boldly into the world with vibrant eyes. Our First Edition 120 Eyeshadow Palette is a must-have for bubbly personalities. Let your imagination run wild with this artistic eyeshadow palette.  Create a new electrifying look every day. The highly-pigmented colors are made to last from morning to night. Get six exciting mix-and-match colors, true onyx and ruby shades, cheerful emeralds and lavenders. There is truly a rainbow of possibilities with this eyeshadow palette. Our elegant eyeshadow feels light and soft to the touch. Each 9” x 6” hard case has two stacked layers contained in a slick and portable palette.
Packaging:The black case is about 9" x 6".It has two stacked layers .It contains any color you can think of!! If not, you can always mix a few eyeshadows to create the one you want. The eyeshadows are about the size of a coin. The case contains a mirror inside. It's easy to carry.
My Views:  Out of the 4 editions of 120 colour palette,i selected the 1st edition because this looked like the most funky and colourful one.It contains a beautiful combination of matte, shimmery and textured shades.I badly wanted bright coloured eyeshadows so that i can practise and perfect my skills without spending a bomb on expensive eyeshadows and i can now say that this palette served the purpose very well.
Ive used this palette so many times and I must say that I am very impressed with the quality. Majority of the colors are very pigmented, stay on all day even after I rubbed my eye a few times, I didnt have to reapply, I didnt need a base/primer for majoity of them and the palette has  more than enough colors that you could imagine such as pinks, blues, greens, purples, yellows, oranges, etc. This palette is going to last me a very long time and I would repurchase again.It's great for people who are beginners or learners. 
The palette has an impressive pigmentation. Some eyeshadows are very pigmented and others aren't. Some are chalky and powdery, especially the lighter colors, but you do get every finish you can think of, matte, satin, metallics, shimmers. 1st edition contains almost every basic color, with wide ranges of primary ones such as yellow, red, green, and blue, and less neutral colors. 
*Random swatches without primer*
Some really funky matte shades
Shades of gray and black for that popping smokey eye
Neutrals and browns, great crease colors!
Shimmery and matte shades
They are so easy to work with and to blend. I played around with so many colors and created these looks, So that you get an idea of how versatile this palette is :)
My Recommendation:I absolutely love it and totally recommend this! It’s super affordable, versatile and perfect quality eyeshadow palette.Colors are super blendable and vibrant.Pigmentation is impressive and it’s great for learners.I have been getting compliments since I started to use this. Its simply the BEST!

Rating: 4 / 5

Price & Availability: This Palette retails for $29.95 on BH Cosmetics website. I ordered mine from Enhanced Beauty – Online International Cosmetics Sellers in 2100 Pkr during sale.

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  1. love your eye looks...MA so talented you are

  2. Such a nice palette it is. Lloving all the looks you have created with this.
    Sahar- The cozy fashionista

  3. wooow these sure are pigmented... I really wanna get this palette now.. Nice review.. I loved that purple, yellow and neutral look that u created using this palette :)

    1. Thankyou and Ohh yes Huda! it's a must buy. Inexpensive and so pigmented!! :)

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  8. Wow!! you are verry talented :) :) so niceee

  9. I've personally never liked BH cosmetics, I find them very poor quality! However, I do love the way you've done up your eyes, so vibrant!

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  13. This palette is incredible ! Love the colors !

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  15. Oooh! Love all of these colors!

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