Friday, 10 October 2014

Ponds White Beauty BB Cream - Review & Photos

 BB creams are one popular trend in makeup products these days.Many brands are engaged in making their own BB creams. Ponds also launched their BB cream sometime back and alot of people are raving about it that how amazing and super hydrating it is. So I thought I should try it as well, here’s my take on Ponds white beauty BB cream :)
Product Description:
·        Instant natural coverage
·         Non-pores clogging
·         Light, non-oily texture
·         Lightens from within epidermis level
·         Reduces dark spots
·         Evens skin tone

·         SPF 30 PA ++ Protects from UVA, UVB and visible light
Packaging: The Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream comes in a slim white opaque tube with a silver screw cap. The tube has a thin nozzle to dispense out the product. The cap shuts the tube perfectly. So, you can conveniently carry this tube for travel. Overall, though the product is really affordable it still looks decent and classy. I really like the packaging. It doesn't looks like a cheap product.
 My Views: Consistency is super thick it requires a good hand for blending in the cream completely. It feels light-weight, natural and comfortable. It sets into a nice semi matte finish. It looks very natural and I am really happy for the brand to keep up the product claim. If you have very dry skin you can easily skip application of a compact over this cream as it gives a slight matte finish. But, I highly recommend women with combination and oily skin to set the cream with powder to avoid any shine or oiliness. The formula of the cream being thick still doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. Even if you have a dry skin you can easily skip a moisturizer.  The formula is best for normal, dry to combination skin. Oily skinned people will require powder touch ups to keep skin matte and fresh.
 The staying power of the cream is impressive. It stayed fresh for about 5 to 6 hours on my normal to dry skin .which I think is brilliant for such an affordable product.

Overall, the only downside to the product is the availability of a single shade. This shade which is available will adapt well for fair, medium and dusky skin tones. So, it would definitely be a mismatch for people with very deep skin tones

My Recommendation: I’ve tried many BB creams but this one is the best so far. I really like it. The formula is great, wear time is good, provides good coverage as well and so inexpensive :) What else we need in a BB cream?? I highly recommend this!!

Price & Availability: Got mine from AL-Fateh Centauras Islamabad. But it's available at all cosmetic stores, Price is 300 PKR.

Rating: 4 / 5

Ever tried Pond’s BB cream? What are your views about it? :)


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  10. The finish looks really good on you! I have dry skin so will check this out. xx

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  11. I was looking for more shades when I went to the market but couldn't. Is this the only one available?

    1. Yes sadly :( it comes in only one shade.I'm somewhere between NC 25 and 30 and it looks perfect on my skin.

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  15. I haven't tried this - in fact I've not even seen it in shops in the UK - But I have tried other Ponds products and found them all to be great!

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