Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Pupa Milano Vamp Mascara - Review & Photos

Product Description:

      PUPA VAMP! MASCARA contains an exclusive formula, for lashes that have never been seen before, that combines a mix of Vamp! full polymer waxes. The natural, vegetable and synthetic waxes make the texture of this mascara very creamy, extra rich and with a high structuring performance. The Vamp! full polymer, a special filming agent, considerably increases hold, reduces smudging and helps to keep lashes soft and flexible in time. The applicator gives lashes everything they've always longed for! Its special sinuous shape, with soft and extra dense fibres enables you to collect a greater amount of mascara on its central part, to get maximum product release for exaggerated and super finalized lashes. The rounded tip helps you to reach even the shortest and most difficult lashes.
My Views: 
      First of all, I like the packaging, the smell and the brush. The hourglass-shaped brush provides extra volume and length and is very comfortable to use. Promising a false-lashes effect is never an easy task for a cosmetic brand, but this mascara is totally up to it. There are 6 Pupa Vamp! Mascara shades on the market (black, violet, turquoise, cobalt blue, brown, green…), but I've decided to go with black.

Pupa Vamp Mascara does really provide the dramatic false-lashes effect – a truly glamourous one – but in the same time the lashes are separated and defined, though thicker and well covered. It does not smudge throughout the day and it will look great in the evening with an extra stroke. I really like this product and would definitely purchase it again.

Here is a photo after two strokes of Pupa Vamp Mascara: 

Availability & Price: I purchased it from a local store in 690 Pkr.

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