Friday, 21 November 2014

I'm a Sigma Affiliate! ♥

 Today I want to share very exciting news with you my lovely people.
I recently became a SIGMA AFFILIATE! :)
A Sweet Sigma representative Sofie contacted me few days back and asked me if I’m interested in joining their affiliate program and what you expect my answer would be except... A BIG YES! :D 
That was surely the happiest moment because since the time I started blogging, it was my dream to get affiliated with Sigma and finally my dream came true,I’m so happy! 

I was sent an email shortly in which I was informed that my affiliate welcome gift was being shipped to me.They sent me a USPS tracking link as well so that I could track my parcel. In the meantime, I added the affiliate banner on my blog sidebar, you may have already noticed it. 
So I received my amazing welcome gift right after 12 days of the confirmation email.
The package was placed inside this sturdy black box which was fuchsia pink from inside with sigma logo printed everywhere. It was so much sealed that it took me almost 3 minutes to unwrap my package. Excellent packaging ever!!
When I opened my package I was literally stunned, I was sent SIX products in my welcome gift along with a lovely personalized note by my Sigma representative. How awesome is that!! 
My welcome gift contained :
1. Sigma Flat Angled Kabuki Brush- F88 ($24.00)
2. Sigma Precision Angled Brush - P84 ($19.00)
3. Sigma Eye Shading Brush -  ($14.00)
4. Sigma Single Eyeshadow  in the shade 'Fawn' ($11)
5.  Sigma Lipgloss  in the shade ‘Tranquil’ ($10)
6. A tester card of all the Sigma Highlighters
Now lemme give a little introduction of all the products I received,
Flat Angled Kabuki- F88 brush is very similar to my all time favourite Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush but instead, the F88 is an angled version. Sigma F88 is a well made, multi purpose brush that can be used to apply foundation, cream blushes and also to contour and highlight. The angled head makes it easy to reach the contours of the face. It is one of the best brushes to apply foundation since it gives an airbrushed finish and requires fairly less product.Honestly, you've never felt a softer brush!  Highly recommended!
Sigma  Precision Angled- P84 brush is great to highlight the brow bone and above the cheekbones. Due to its angled top, its a perfect brush for contouring the sides of your cheek and contouring nose. Great size and perfect to fit in hard to reach areas. The bristles are densely packed which helps in buffing the
 product well in your skin.whether it's foundation or concealer or any product. 
The cute little travel size of the Sigma Eye Shading- E55 is a pink version which is so lovely.
 This brush is nice and fluffy and is perfect for sweeping a colour across
 the lid or for a brow bone highlight.
This Eye-shadow in 'Fawn' is a beautiful bronze colour, perfect for a little touch on the
 inner corner of your eye or swept under the lower lash line. Love!
Tranquil is a berry shade. When I first saw it in the tube. I was actually worried this would be too dark for me, but when I applied it ended up being sheer and really nice.Formula of the gloss is very thick and 
it has really good pigmentation. Lasting power is good too.Very Flattering and 
gorgeous color for Asian skin tones!
Swatches of Fawn & Tranquil
A tester card of all the Sigma Highlighters, Super gorgeous shades!

I have tried all of the products and I am very impressed so far, The brushes are super soft, well made and they work really well without any shedding. Eye shade and lip gloss is also very nice.I still couldn't believe how many things they sent me.I am very happy with the offerings.
       Thank you SIGMA!! 

You can visit Sigma Beauty Website to order online HERESigma ships worldwide.

If you have any queries leave them in the comments section below! Also if you want a full review of any of the Sigma products let me know. 

Disclaimer: This is a PR sample provided to me by a PR company for review purpose.I was not paid for this review.
         I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product(s) was free does not influence
 my opinion at all. My opinion is 100% genuine and honest.


  1. Wow..u got some amazing stuff!

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  2. So glad that Sigma has been finally hunting down our local bloggers again! :) Congrats! Enjoy the goodies! 😉

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  5. Congratulations on becoming an affiliate :) u got some great stuff.

  6. Cheers, Wajiha! Congratulations! Sofia "welcomed" me last night and informed about the gift. I honestly had no idea that they send such gorgeous things. Now you have me all too excited! Yay!!

    1. Aww, i'm glad she contacted you! Congratulations in advance Bia :) xo

  7. Congrats dear... such an amazing news... <3 <3
    Sigma is an amazing brand ..I just loved their brushes ..
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