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Luscious Cream Liner Kohl Pencils Review

LUSCIOUS COSMETICS need no introduction. It’s a leading Pakistani cosmetic brand. Their products are popular and are known for their excellent quality and affordable prices. They keep on adding new and exciting products in their makeup line, which is amazing. So proud of you Luscious, Keep up the good work! 
            Luscious cosmetics have recently added a brand new product to its collection known as the Cream Liner Kohl Pencils. These are available in 6 lovely shades. I am going to review this product for you today which is a pr sample sent to me by the company.
Product Description:  A  velvety liner for the eyes containing a blend of antioxidants and vitamins, designed specially for use in the "water-line" and for tight lining inside the eyes. Richly pigmented to deliver intense, gorgeous colour. Glides on softly without tugging or irritating your eyes.
Packaging: I like the packaging.  you can easily identify the color because shades are printed on one side of the pencil which matches the color inside.Shade names are also written. The base of the pencil is black and the brand name is embossed on the pencil body. The pencil caps are tight enough so they are travel friendly too. 


 § Moss Green: Deep forest green
 § Snow White: Pure white
 § Black Oynx: Super black with a matte finish.
 § Molten Gold: Pale, matte nude (Perfect for your waterline)
 § Navy Blue
My Views:
The Luscious cream liner kohl pencils are pigmented and texture is very smooth. They glide very well on the lids.  They do not break if applied with pressure as few of the liner do. Can be used easily on the water line because they don’t irritate the eyes at all and you won’t feel any tingling sensation. The texture is soft so no tucking on the skin.  They are capable for drawing fine lines and dramatic winged eyes. You could feel that each of the colors is formulated with creaminess to it.
You can use these kohl pencils to create various looks. They can be smudged easily and work great for creating smoky looks or for wearing on the waterline. The sad part is they do transfer on the lids a little Therefore, make sure to apply some eye primer on your lids before applying these. 
The pencil stayed on for a decent time on my lids and waterline, approx. 3 hours without smudging after which it transferred to my upper lids and I have to then wipe it off and apply it again freshly. Otherwise a decently creamy pencil, doesn't tug my lids and goes on smoothly with nice pigmentation.

My Recommendation: I really love the Moss Green and Molten Gold, but Black Oynx is a staple shade to have on hand. just close your eyes and pick any of these ,  2 thumbs up for the finish and texture!

Price and Availability: Price is  Rs. 395 for a single pencil and can be purchased online from their website. You can also purchase these from Luscious cosmetics can be found at all leading superstores across Pakistan. 

 Rating: 4/5

Would you like to try these Cream Liner Kohl Pencils?
Disclaimer: This is a PR sample provided to me by a PR company for review purpose.I was not paid for this review.
         I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product(s) was free does not influence
 my opinion at all. My opinion is 100% genuine and honest.


  1. Gorgeous shades!

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  2. I had the same problem, they transferred. By the way I came to know that these aren't meant to be used as eye liners, just on waterline..

    1. Yes, you are right Fizzah. Kohl pencils are meant to be used on waterline, but one can apply them on lids as well, My lids are not oily so I can wear these on lids too :)

  3. Mass grean and Navy blue are looking great.. lovely eotds :)

  4. Really nice review and swatches... I love molten gold and black onyx

  5. They look like an amazing product and I love the moss green shade :)

  6. Ive been craving blue eye liners these days. Would love to try navy blue. Gorgeous colors.

  7. Lovely review ...have you tried themon lower lash line ? How long does it stay there?

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  10. Thanks for your review. It's very helpful that you included the gel liners in the same shape over your eyes. I get so confused when beauty bloggers show the difference in liners but change the style or blend with eye shadows.


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  12. Amazing shades <3
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  17. Wow these shades are beautiful. I would wear Moss Green often. Too bad this brand isn't available in Canada.

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  23. nice review such a creamy liners they are

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  24. Replies
    1. Navy blue is no doubt a very nice shade :)

  25. The golden one has such a pretty color!
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  26. Seems like good liners.. Does this brand ships to India?

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