Friday, 6 February 2015

Rainbow Eyeliner - Recreate the look!!

Hello Dolls, hope you are not bored with my back to back posts :P  Today I’m going to share a very colorful eye makeup look. I was so excited to try this out. Glad it came out just the way I wanted it to be. This is a super easy and quick Rainbow Eyeliner look. I used very few products to create it.Keep reading if you like it and interested to recreate this eye makeup look.
Here’s the list of the products I used to create the Rainbow Eyeliner,
  •       MUA Professional Eyes Primer
  •       Christine Eye pencil in white
  •    BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette
  •       Pupa Milano Vamp Mascara
  •       Loreal Precision Gel Liner in Noir
  •       Artmatic lashes
  •       L.A Girl pro Concealer
  •    Lash Curler
  •    Angle Liner Brush
  •    Eyeshadow Blending Brush
  •    Pencil Brush
1.  Start with applying primer on your lids. Then use a fluffy blending brush to define your crease with a light neutral brown shadow, which will give your lid a dimension .Create a winged line above your lash line with white pencil to serve as a guide for your rainbow liner shape.This white pencil will also make the eyeshades pop up a bit.

2. Now take any eyeliner brush and start adding colors on top of this white line. Starting with yellow and moving on to orange, then red, green and blue across your lid. Blend the two colors on either side in between each shade to give it a gradient effect.

3. Now clean up the edges of your liner with the help of concealer. It instantly brightens up the whole  look and make it more visible

4. Next I applied orange shade on my lower lids and blended it well with the help of a pencil brush also I applied champagne gold on my tear duct area.

5.  Final step is curling your lashes and applying few coats of mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Then apply falsies. But that’s totally optional. You can omit it if you don’t want to apply fake lashes.

Voila!! Rainbow Eyeliner is done! <3
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Much Love,
Wajiha xxx


  1. Hey which photo editing software do you use.
    Your eyes look so beautiful and I really liked your pics.

  2. Wow! Def gonna try this!!
    You look wonderful!!

    xoxo Colli // tobeyoutiful

  3. Wow great...its really suits you MashaALLAH you have beautiful eyes :)

  4. The look is so gorgeous! You look lovely! I'll surely give it a try sometime. Thanks for sharing. :) xx

    Momina Haseeb | ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

  5. Uff MAshallah your eyes are so pretty! this looks really happy and fun !
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  6. wow super pretty...this reminded me of a eotd rainbow look I did couple of years ago :)

  7. lovely look and you've got such pretty eyes mashAllah :)

  8. love this post! i heard there is one product by inglot that does the same thing!

  9. Hi dear,
    Your blog is so cute. Now, I'm your new follower. I hope you can follow me back.
    Btw, your eye makeup looks amazing.

  10. Wow that looks so cool! Great photos btw, I always struggle taking eye make-up photos. :)

  11. Super cool make-up ;) Thank you for comment on my blog. Followed you now ;)

    Fashion blog Shoponista

  12. So pretty and apt for the spring! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  13. Love love love your look :) Seems so creative and perfect for summers :) i absolutely enjoyed your tutorial :)

  14. This is perfect, the best I have ever seen. Let me know if you'd like to follow each other.

  15. sooo cute love this rainbow eyeliner look.. You look lovely like always <3

  16. looks great on you :) i am afraid to try so many colors on myself

  17. You have beautiful eyes! And love the multicolored eye liner :)
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC and facebook?

  18. This looks so pretty, I love it!

    Laura xoxo

  19. lovly.very nice makeup.plz follow me am new follower

  20. Followed you now dear and hope you do me the same!

  21. This is very beautiful! I done a tutorial like this a while back - it would mean a lot to see you what you think of it. The link is
    Lots of love,
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  22. woww love it dear .. do share a tutorial x


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