Saturday, 28 February 2015

Food Panda : Providing scrumptious food at your doorstep!!

Hungry? Fancy some nice, delicious food but can’t be bothered to go out? or the restaurant you fancy is too far away from you? Or you don’t even feel like going in the kitchen because you are so tired of being there all the time? Worry no more, foodpanda has come to your rescue! Now you can order food online and choose across a variety of cuisines at Foodpanda. 36 countries and 22000 restaurants.Foodpanda believes that ordering food online should be fuss-free, fast and definitely fun. With just a few clicks you can order from a wide variety of delicious cuisines online. Steaming hot food is conveniently delivered to your home or office. 
By now most of you might know that I have crazy love for food. I can eat anything and everything to satisfy my taste buds. One more thing I have to confess is I have a really bad craving disorder which nudge me at odd times *sighs*.When I crave for something I have to have it no matter what time is it. Therefore, I always look for new restaurants and eating places which provide home delivery just incase I get any craving emergency lol. One such discovery during my “quest” was Food Panda. Ahh! What a relief! Now if my tummy starts growling at 2 AM, I would very much just like to see Food Panda’s menu and place order for my favourite food right away.
Foodpanda is definitely all in one food ordering destination. I like its detailed and organized description on the restaurant address, segregated menu with the prices on the side. The list is versatile. You can order any kind of food you fancy.Foodpanda is offering a great choice of food ranging from Steaks, Sushi,Sandwiches, BBQ, Tandoori Chicken, Fried Chicken to cuisines suchas French, Italian, Mediterranean, Korean, Lebanese, Bakery or great Ice Cream for Dessert, Foodpanda provides a delivery service made to especially care for every necessity and exceed the expectations of every customer.

 They also mention the timings of the outlet are open/closed. They also have cash on delivery option. The fact that I liked most is it’s a very well thought  out concept and the website itself is very easy to access and user friendly. They have not loaded the page with unwanted information rather has concentrated only on those facts which are necessary for food orderings and enjoying them in the comfort of your home. So if you are someone like me who get weird cravings at odd times then your best bet could be Foodpanda. And in this, Foodpanda doesn’t disappoint – its website  is beautifully straightforward and direct. The first thing that hits you is its minimalist interface: simple, bold colours without too many words. Just plenty of pictures and DEALS OF THE WEEK shouting out at you. 
Foodpanda is available in over 45 countries worldwide. Through them ordering food from the comfort of your home is as easy as counting 1-2-3. All you have to do is enter your City and location to find out which restaurants are near you, browse through their menus, place your order and proceed to checkout, enter your personal details, contact details and address for delivery.Now sit back and wait till you get the food delivered to your door step.You can even opt for cash on delivery if you prefer not to use credit card payment. You can also register an account with FoodPanda (for free) and all your details will be saved once and for all. This way whenever you order a food it can be done in just three clicks, now that’s very convenient rather than filling up your details every time you have to place an order plus the account is for free, so there’s no harm..It has a huge network of ordering food online across the world. 

No electricity? Or  no access to a laptop or computer? You can also download the foodpanda mobile app and use it to place your orders. The interface is quite simple and elegant to use. Your location is determined through GPS (in case you don’t have GPS enabled, you can manually choose your country, city and area as well) and rest is almost the same as the website.The best part is their home page is always updated with all the ongoing discounts and special deals from all the restaurants throughout the cities. You can install the food panda app here.
Their huge network covers many countries all over the world and in Pakistan. Presently they are catering to 9 cities in Pakistan, among which are the top popular four cities: Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Karachi.

Ordering food via Foodpanda is a fantastic experience! The website is professional, the service is commendable and the food is excellent.Try ordering food next time through Food Panda and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed :) 
 Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.I was paid for this review but this does not influence
 my opinion at all. My opinion is 100% genuine and honest to my readers.The images in this post are 
taken from Food Panda's webiste and internet. Editing is done by me.


  1. wow sounds great for ordering from home

  2. This sounds like such an amazing service.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. Oh, I Like your blog and your style of writing! Also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos! Great job! I know that it requires so much time to update blog, but keep doing it!)
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    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Aww. Diana glad you like my blog :)Thank you so much! Please keep intouch and I'll be sure to checkout your blog :* xoxo

  4. hmmm....the food was bad but foodpanda is itself good!

  5. Great post. I love food panda for their best delivery service.

  6. wow sounds great thanks for sharing :)

  7. Those meals look DELICIOUS! Their selection looks great, too! Thanks for sharing this. :)


  8. Such a good idea! We use Just Eat in our house. xxx

  9. Love how the have all types of food available :) Cant wait to try them out :) xx

  10. Great post ;)
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  11. So tempting! I'm grateful for online food services! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  12. You might not believe it but I just ate the Subway salad I ordered through foodpanda. The service is amazing :)

  13. foodpanda is the best food app that I have come across. cheers!



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