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Christine Eystyle Liners Review, Swatches & Eye Makeup look

A lot of people messaged me lately on my Facebook page and requested me to review something from our locally available cosmetic brands. So I spent almost a whole day roaming in the local markets in search of any nice product that I can review for you guys on my blog. I'm a big fan of glitter liners but didn’t get a chance to try any until now. So when I saw Chrisitne Eystyle Liners at a local cosmetic store, I was like, yayy! I should try these :) They are available in more than twenty shades but I picked up these four colors.They retail for 300 Rs each. Please read my review and enjoy the pictures!
Packaging:   The packaging is a regular liquid liner sort of packaging with the only exception of the container being transparent so that all the sparkly bits are visible from the outside making the whole thing look really attractive! It’s a small plastic bottle with a long handle which has a built in sleek application brush. As it’s a long brush it gives nice grip and is perfect for a precise application.
Christine Eystyle Liner Shade 11
Christine Eystyle Liner Shade 23
Christine Eystyle Liner Shade 06
Christine Eystyle Liner Shade 04
My Views:
I selected shade 11, 23, 06 and 04. Shade 11, 06 and 04 are clear glitter liners with glitter chunks while shade 23 is a turquoise liner with glossy finish without any glitter chunks.

        Consistency wise Christine Eystyle Eyeliners are like any liquid liner, They are runny and does not irritate or burn the eye.They dry fast and doesnot smudge and this is the reason you wont see it transferring it here and there. I remember I tried loose glitter once and ended up with a messed up eyemakeup with glitter all over my face lol. But you can apply these liners without fearing the mess of glitter fallout. Christine Eystyle Eyeliners are easy to wipe off with wipes or a makeup remover incase they get stick to other areas of your face.
           Applying these directly doesn’t suit me or I don’t think it will suit many others but if you contrast with an eyeshadow or put it over a darker eyeliner shade it will look pretty .What I like using these glitter eyeliners for is to layer over any colored eyeliners or eye pencils.Alone, they’re just so-so, because the clear base makes them apply kind of sketchy. They can also be used over eyeshadow, too, for the same kind of effect.
Christine Eystyle Liner Swatches
I really do like these glitters but you really have to build it up because it seems like it's packed with glitter but it isn't as you will see in the swatches, they took me like three strokes and still it's not that much glitter. I do however like these. The first coat gives a medium sprinkling of sparkle and then it can be built up with repeated coats. but the colored liner fills in any gaps so the glitter actually pops.I think I’d love these more if they had colored bases as well, just because it’d be more of a two-in-one and require a little less effort on my part.  They just may make excellent, super glittery bases if they were in a colored base too!  
Chrsitine Eystyle Liners sadly don’t live up to their waterproof claim. Also they’ll easily fade if you rub them off. So you have to be careful with that once you apply them. They can be removed easily with any water / oil based makeup remover.

 In the below picture I applied shade 23 like winged eyeliner and dabbed some silver glitter (shade 4) on top to give it a more dramatic effect. It’s something which you will like wearing in a party or any formal event.

My Recommendation:These are very pretty eyeliners that add a glam to your regular look. The best thing is they are easily available in Pakistan at a very reasonable price. So If you are looking for something that add spark to your look and is not costly then these are worth a try!

Price & Availability: Christine Eystyle Liners are available at almost all the local cosmetic stores in Pakistan. Price is 300 Rs each. 

Rating: 3.5 / 5

This review was solely done at your request :) I hope you guys like it! I will do more eye makeup looks with these liners and will post them on my Instagram and Facebook page. You can follow me on instagram if you aren't already following. My insta ID is Wajihaa_ahmed. Please do give your feedback in the comments section below!

Wajiha xx 


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