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Restaurant Review - A cozy Chinese meal at Silkroute, Bahria Town Islamabad

Hello foodies! I have an exciting review for you guys today !! I love Chinese food, interestingly I never liked it when I was younger, but now, love it! I felt very privileged to be invited to have a dinner by Mr. Omer few days back who is an owner of a newly launched Chinese restaurant called Silkroute. I accepted the invitation and visited the place with Mr. Wonderful because we love enjoying our food together :) I also took this opportunity to roam around the space and take a few photographs which I am going to share in today's post along with the detailed review of my dining experience with this restaurant.

Silk route is a fine dining Chinese Restaurant located at Bahria Town Islamabad with spacious and ample car parking. The restaurant consists of two dining halls, an outdoor terrace bar and a big courtyard. Both halls have a sitting capacity of over 50 people and outdoor area can accommodate up to 200 people easily. Silk Route is a great option for small get togethers, family occasions or corporate events. They've arranged several Music and ghazal nights, Birthday parties and corporate events in their courtyard.
    The restaurant is comfortable and cozy. It's spacious and not over crowded.Ambiance is welcoming and modern. Mellow lighting enhances the comfort factor. Walls and partitions take the classic style of archaic doors in ancient China. Beautiful abstract painting in bold and bright hues liven up the walls. Red color can be seen on the walls and in the decorative items as it's a part of Chinese culture.Nicely decorated tables and polished cutlery is as, in a way, expected. Interior designing of the place has been sophisticatedly done by Mr. Omer himself. The furniture is also handpicked by him. 
The Courtyard
 Cake Bar
The thing that inspired me the most was the open walk in kitchen. We visited the kitchen and found it super clean and hygienic. Cooking stations and utensils were clean and the ingredients were nicely packed and placed in the refrigerator. This is so thoughtful; I think every restaurant should introduce an open walk in kitchen for their customers as It will give them so much satisfaction in what they're eating. 
Mr. Omer (CEO Silk Route) briefing me about his restaurant :)
The menu, lovingly crafted by the restaurant’s expert chefs, is a huge selection of authentic dishes from Chinese cuisine prepared with chicken, beef and sea food. The physical design of the menu is simple and Oriental. The menu is exciting and vast and there is something to suit all taste-buds. 
         Now coming on to the business, our meal started off with soups. we ordered Silk Route Special Soup and Thai Clear Soup. Soups arrived with a big plate of freshly fried fish crackers which were very light and crispy. I tried both soups and loved Thai Clear Soup the most. It was fragrant and loaded with flavors. Tangy yet mild! The lemon-y flavor of this soup was divine; it also contained thin slices of chicken and fried rice. This combination was pretty unique for me as I never tried anything like this before. The other soup was the Special Soup, which was a combination of chicken stock, chicken bits, mushrooms and other vegetables. That was heart warming as well. Perfect for chilly winter nights!
Thai Clear Soup 
Next we ordered two appetizers, I ordered Crispy Butterfly Prawns with tarter and sweet chilly sauce and husband ordered Spicy Honey Wings. Both dishes were finger licking delicious. These prawns were literally the best prawns I've ever tried in my entire life! Crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and tender from the inside.They were cooked to perfection and were so soft and succulent that I could eat 2 more plates in one go. *I'm salivating now :P  They were served with two delicious dips which were enhancing their taste even more. I am definitely going back to this place for this dish! 
Butterfly Prawns - PKR 895
Tender chicken wings coated with sweet and spicy sauce were a treat. They were bursting with flavors of honey, ginger and green chilies and cinnamon, which I really loved! 10/10 for the starters!
Spicy Honey Wings
For mains we choose Chicken Chow mien and Lemon Sesame Chicken. The first thing I observed was generous servings. Three people can easily eat from one platter, which is great. Chow mien was super tasty. The flavors were quite well balanced and not too salty. I enjoyed the assorted vegetable slices in my chow mien. 
Main Course - Lemon Sesame Chicken & Chicken & Vegetable Chow mein
Lemon Sesame Chicken was as good as I expected. It was like an explosion of flavors in my mouth that transported me to the streets of China. Truly a heart warming dish and a must try!
Lemon Sesame Chicken
We ordered Pomegranate juice and Hot Chocolate as our drinks.
Pomegranate Juice & Hot Chocolate
Melted Alaska & Ferrero Rochers Cake
 Silkroute saved the best for last. The crowning jewel of the meal was the dessert, a single dessert that was perfect and hard to fault and left me craving for more was Melted Alaska –  home made vanilla ice cream sandwiched between rich chocolate cake slices and topped with yummy chocolate sauce. We ordered Ferraro Rochers Cake too! Visually spectacular, these desserts was a delicious way to end a wonderful meal :) 

Everything was perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned! Food was served by genuinely helpful, well mannered and friendly staff. The service was quick and the food came HOT!!I’d say the wait time was between 15 – 20 minutes but that depends on what you order. Our order took about 15 minutes to arrive and it arrived piping hot.

My Recommendation: Overall, I really like Silkroute and I would highly recommend everybody to try it! The food is great, service is fast, prices are affordable and the atmosphere is comfortable and cozy. I definitely want to go back to re-live my food experience.

Silkroute is open through out the week for lunch and dinner. Timings are 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Address : Street 38, Phase 4, Bahria Town Islamabad.
Phone: (051) 5146057

Have you eaten at Silkroute? What is your favorite Chinese Dish or Chinese restaurant? Do share in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This was an invited review but this does not influence my opinion at all. My opinion is 100%
 genuine and honest to my readers. All the photos in this post are taken by me
 and cannot be re-posted without my permission.


  1. Yumilicious post. You made me crave for chinese now :D Love the interior and the food looks good too. Hope to visit it soon :)

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  3. You spoke my heart :)
    Wonderful place and amazing food :)

  4. I enjoyed this restaurant review and now I am craving Chinese food! The pictures are so delicious and the Baked Alaska and Chocolate Cakes! Definitely keep this in for my future travels! Here in Lynchburg, Virginia (United States)our local King's Island Restaurant offers several Asian cuisines and the people are very friendly esp to my son, Nathan!


  5. Seems a nice place :)
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