Sunday, 31 July 2016

30 Days of Giveaways - August 1 – August 30, 2016

Like free stuff? Well then, today is your lucky day. But so is tomorrow, and the next day, and the 27 days following that. Because for the next month, we’re giving away 30 awesome prizes from your favorite bloggers and brands. You have a chance to win anything and everything from clothes, makeup, shoes, accessories, toiletries and more. Each giveaway only lasts 24 hours. A new day means a new prize means a new chance to score.Please turn on the Notifications to The Fashion Files by Wajiha Facebook Page to stay updated about the giveaway! :) 

Here are the 30 prizes that you'll win every single day, 

Day 1:  Monday 1st August 2016
Prize: Acrylic Makeup Organizer by Makeup House
Instagram : @Makeuphouse.07

Day 2:  Tuesday 2nd August 2016
Prize: Shoes by Luppolo
Facebook Page:
Instagram : @Theluppolo

Day 3:  Wednesday 3rd August 2016
Prize: Colorpop Liquid lipstick and Avon Brow Pencil by Iram Lilani
Instagram : @Iramlilani

Day 4:  Thursday 4th August 2016
Prize: Colorstudio Blush and Nail Colors by The Brown Muses
Instagram : @Thebrownmuses

Day 5:  Friday 5th August 2016
Prize: Essence All About Bronze Eyeshadow Palette and Colorpop Highlighter by Makeup Beasties
Instagram : @Makeupbeasties

Day 6:  Saturday 6th August 2016
Prize: OPI Polish, MUA Blush, Jordana Eyeshadow, Sweet touch mascara by Red Alice Rao
Instagram : @Redalicerao

Day 7:  Sunday 7th August 2016
Prize: W n W illuminating palette, Colorpop lippiestix, Hard Candy nail enamel, ELF lipstick by Indelath
Instagram : @Indelath

Day 8:  Monday 8th August 2016
Prize: Masarrat Misbah Lip Gloss and Sweet Touch Nail Color
Instagram : @Mandntouchups

Day 9:  Tuesday 9th August 2016
Prize: Makeup Revolution Mermaid Forever Palette by The Pout Painters
Instagram : @Thepoutpainters

Day 10:  Wednesday 10th August 2016
Prize: SNM Lawn Unstitched Suit by Din Industries
Instagram : @snmstores

Day 11:  Thursday 11th August 2016
Prize: Bath Crystals, ELF Blush and Essence Eyeshadow by Dudettes Talk
Instagram : @umaimamehtab


Day 12:  Friday 12th August 2016
Prize: Estee lauder Eyeshadow Palette and Pouch by Hash

Day 13: Saturday 13th August 2016
Prize: Forever 21 Necklace, Shower Gel, Scrub Gel and Salcura Cream by The Fashion Files by Wajiha
Instagram : @Wajihaa_ahmed

Day 14: Sunday 14th August 2016
Prize: Phyto Radiance Mask and Wet n Wild Lipstick
Instagram : @Zensky

Day 15: Monday 15th August 2016
Prize: TBS Shimmer Balls and Glam Magazine
Instagram : @Beautypebblesblog

Day 16: Tuesday 16th August 2016
Prize: Rivaj UK Palette, Nivea Makeup remover and Essence Nail Polish by Shumail’s Beauty and Style
Instagram : @Shumailsbeautyandstyle

Day 17: Wednesday 17th August 2016
Prize: Jewelery by Nino’s Creations
Instagram : @Ninos_creations

Day 18: Thursday 18th August 2016
Prize: Essence Mascara and Lip Gloss by What She Thinks.Pk
Instagram :

Day 19: Friday 19th August 2016
Prize: Nivea After Shave Balm and Sin 18 Mask Sheet by Saleha Makeup Diary
Instagram : @Salehamakeupdiary

Day 20: Saturday 20th August 2016
Prize: Handmade Soap by Yellow Berry
Instagram : @Yellowberryy

Day 21: Sunday 21st August 2016
Prize: Real Techniques Brush Set by Get Glamorized
Instagram : @Get.glamorized

Day 22: Monday 22nd August 2016
Prize: Sleek Liquid Lipstick by Fashionista, Glam Magazine
Instagram : @Sorathmajid

Day 23: Tuesday 23rd August 2016
Prize: Essence blush, Nail color, Stage line XF lips
Instagram : @Mahablogger

Day 24: Wednesday 24th August 2016
Prize: Dust plug, storage box, owl clutch and earrings by Smart Bargains
Instagram :

Day 25: Thursday 25th August 2016
Prize: Makeup Revolution Palette by Fanaa’s Beauty Blog
Instagram : @Fatima_Janan

Day 26: Friday 26th August 2016
Prize: Real Techniques Stippling Brush, Wet n Wild Lashes, Eye lash Curler,
Colorpop Lippiestix and ELF Eyeliner Pen by Amor
Instagram : @Amor
Day 27: Saturday 27th August 2016
Prize: Wow Lipcolor, Essence Eyeshadow and Essence Polish by Walk in Vogue
Instagram :

Day 28: Sunday 28th August 2016
Prize: Scoop o Scrub lip, hand and foot scrub by Nayab Loves
Instagram : @Nayabloves

Day 29: Monday 29th August 2016
Prize:  Olor Fragrances by Creative Khadija
Instagram : @creative_mind_khadija

Day 30: Tuesday30th August 2016
Prize:  Khussas, Jewelery and Nail Stickers by Hey beauty Bae
Instagram : @heybeautybae

We tried our best to make the rules easy and hassle free so that everybody can enter in the giveaway.All you have to like our Facebook page and Instagram and also the sponsor's page and Instagram.Tag five friends in the post and share it publically on your wall. That's it!

The giveaway will start from today and will end on 30th August 2016. It will be open at 12:00 PM sharp and will close at 12:00 PM next day. We will announce one winner daily. Winners will be selected through and they have to pay the delivery charges of their prize. 
Giveaway is open for residents of Pakistan only!

So yeah, That's about it! Now head over to my Facebook page for the Giveaway # 1 which is going live within a couple of minutes :) 
Good luck! xxx


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  7. Superb and Mindblowing giveaways !! Following all the 30 pages on every platform (Facebook "Asma Sharif Ahmed" and Instagram "asma.sharifahmed").. INSHALLAH will try my best to participate on daily basis :) <3

  8. JAZAK ALLAH ...!!! :) Mindblowing giveaways !! Following all the 30 pages on every platform (Facebook "Towhida Sultana" and Instagram "Towhida_Sultana").. INSHALLAH will try my best to participate on daily basis :) <3

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